About Debara Perry

and Arlington Reiki Wellness

My main objective while creating the Reiki Suite was to provide a 'safe harbor' and a warm and comfortable atmosphere for my clients.

My Story: I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher for the past 27 years. My Reiki Journey began when I was living in Providence, Rhode Island. I had just recently been divorced after a 17 year marriage when I moved from Colorado (I am a native Texan) to Rhode Island. I was an administrative assistant in one of the largest law firms in Providence, I was taking study classes through my church, had an apartment in Providence and during the winter months, I rented a duplex on Cape Cod only ¼ mile from the beach. I love to this day walking any beach. At that time in my life, I felt the happiest and most fulfilled on so many levels. Then I was introduced to Reiki. A wonderful lady in my study class (who later became my Reiki Master/Teacher) started talking to me about Reiki and the benefits of Reiki. I was intrigued so I agreed to go to an introductory session on Reiki and my world became even more rewarding and fulfilling. That began Reiki Journey.

I completed all the requirements of Reiki I, Reiki II and Master/Teacher Levels in 1990. I had moved back to Texas and I worked with family and friends for years. I finally leased a suite in a spa setting and began to build my practice. After almost a year, the owner of the spa decided to sell the building so I moved my Reiki practice to my home. There I have continued the practice and as time continued, it became evident to me that it was time to move my practice from my home to a more professional setting. I prayed about this many times and then my prayer was answered this past June. My practice is now located within a Chiropractor's building but not part of his practice. I have my own separate entrance so I may come and go as appointment schedules dictate. Another advantage is that the energies are so warm and inviting to clients.

My Reiki Practice My main objective while creating the Reiki Suite was to provide a “safe harbor” and a warm and comfortable atmosphere for my clients. Now that this has been established, my work begins. Once the trust is established, my main goal during a Reiki Session is to promote relaxation for the client which is the beginning to healing.

I can personally say that I am at my very best, happiest and most fulfilled when working with Reiki clients. I have seen so many wonderful results with Reiki. I invite anyone who is reading the information on this website, to please give Reiki at least a chance whether it be with me or another Reiki Master. If nothing else, I know you will experience a sense of relaxation and peace you probably have not felt in a long time. Of course, there will be many other great benefits to the Session. I invite you to “Experience Reiki – It Is All About You”.