A Reiki Session: Comfortable clothing is to be worn during a Reiki Session. A Reiki Session can be given in almost any setting and can be adapted to any situation, i.e., sitting in a chair, lying in a hospital bed, and even through casts and bandages. Normally, a client lies on a massage table and little or no pressure will be applied. Soothing, relaxing music will be played and the lights will be dimmed to create a safe and relaxing atmosphere. The Practitioner becomes very still and focused and will place the hands in a series of positions. The hands may be placed anywhere, for example, over an injury or other areas of discomfort. Reiki protects both the client and the Practitioner in that neither energy can be taken on from the other.

The energy flows through the Practitioner, not from the Practitioner, to you. As a result, you will receive the amount of energy you need to bring your mind, body and spirit into balance and the energy always knows exactly where it is needed.